RE-ELECT STAN CAMERON as our Caledon Peel District School Board Trustee

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Mon. Oct. 22.

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What People Say about STAN CAMERON


"For 8 years Stan has been a dependable, approachable, and active trustee in the public school system.  Personally, I’ve always celebrated him as trustworthy, hard working, and dedicated to the needs of the children in our school board, of which I have four.  He has my vote once again.”

       - Dr. Ryan French, Bolton

"Working with Stan Cameron for 7 years while he served as Caledon’s Public School Board Trustee, I saw how important teamwork was to him. Stan understands that more can be achieved for the Caledon community with collaboration and relationship building. And he is right."

        – Tony Pontes, Recently retired PDSB Director of Education

"Having previously served this community for 13 years as Trustee on the Peel District School Board I know that Stan Cameron continues to serve the best interests of our public school supporters in Caledon. His strong voice at the Board level and consistently strong presence in all of our schools and community functions best serve our students, families and school staff."

       - Valerie Arnold-Judge, former PDSB Trustee for Caledon

"Stan Cameron is an educator. For 37 years he has been known as a caring and skillful professor teaching Psychology in post secondary education classrooms. I have known Stan for the past 10 years and I have seen how much he cares for all students and how grateful they are for his teaching style and his messages of hope and success." 

       - Charanjeet Singh, Educational Researcher, Centennial College

"As a university student who, along with my 3 siblings, attended local elementary and secondary schools in Caledon, I have long appreciated Stan Cameron’s helpful and understanding approach to working with children and families in Caledon’s public school system. A vote for Stan is a vote for an experienced, knowledgeable, inclusive and accessible leader. And my family always loved Stan's reminder that, 'school is cool.'"

        - Nicole French, Brock University Student, Humberview Farms, Albion


"Stan Cameron is education oriented by profession as well as by inclination. He has deep interest in the manner in which our children are schooled and in bettering the systems that support our public schools. I know Stan to be a great listener and tireless advocate when it comes to community views on education. These qualities are backstopped by his hard working, industrious nature and make Stan an 'A++' candidate for Peel District School Board Trustee."

        - David Stewart, Palgrave

 "Having been a Trustee for the past four years, I've come to appreciate Stan Cameron's work ethic and commitment to student success. He has advocated fearlessly for  Caledon at the table, while working collaboratively with his peers across the region. Trustee Cameron has earned a reputation as being a person of integrity and results focused. I hope to see him continue to serve the people of Caledon at the Peel District School Board."    

         - Harkirat Singh, Trustee, Peel District School Board

Why I Want to be Your Caledon Public School Board Trustee:

Online Messages:

Working with the Caledon East community to restore busing for Caledon East PS students:



Helping students living on the west side of Caledon continue to access their French studies at Humberview SS:

A new school opens in 2018 in Caledon. This is Caledon's only year round calendar school. It's been named, "Tony Pontes Public School."

A new 8 lane rubberized track with an artificial infield and lighting will be built on the Humberview SS site by the end of October, 2018

It's been an honour to act as MC for the past 2 Decembers for the Bethell Hospice "Light & Love" Celebrations:

How can you ensure that your tax dollars are supporting your public school system? Click on the Peel District School Board's link here:

A YouTube video of my four years as an In-School Mentor Volunteer in Peel's Big Brothers/Big Sisters "Power of An Hour Program."

It's an honour to have been asked to MC the past two "Giving Thanks" Celebrations hosted by Bethell Hospice:

The Family Man. The Educator. The Trustee.

Serving The Community

I am the candidate with extensive experience from the class room to the staff room to the board room. I am an educator - for the past 37 years. I have experience working with young people in school. I have helped families manage their way through the 2nd largest school board in Canada. Through my role as the Caledon trustee on the Peel District School Board for the past 8 years I have advocated for our children, families, teachers and school administrators. All with one  goal in mind: student success.

    In the Caledon community I am a proven leader who is trusted for my competency, recognized for my understanding, appreciated for my accessibility, valued for my positive relationship building, and dedicated to continuing to serve every member of our Caledon public school family.


Education Changes Lives

I entered the competition to serve this community through education because of my fundamental belief that education changes lives. From  that core value, I know that I can help families with their questions and challenges. I am a 2 term incumbent. I have enjoyed every minute in my role as Caledon's Trustee on the Peel District School Board for the past 8 years. I feel that I have been able to strongly represent our Caledon voices at the Board table and help our children, families, teachers and school administrators. I have much more to offer families in Caledon's public school system.

    As a faculty member in post secondary classrooms, I have seen first hand how education has served thousands of students and graduates. 

Asking For Your Support

Prior to teaching at the college I worked with young offenders and adult offenders in treatment centres. I just retired from the college on June 30, 2018.

I have taken many additional courses over those years at the college in an effort to become a better teacher and to help my students work to reach their potential. A few examples are courses dealing with subjects such as: online teaching/learning, suicide intervention skills training, creating collaborative learning spaces, supporting learner success, understanding content management systems and many more.

I'm asking everyone for their support and vote on Oct. 22, 2018

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Thank You for Your Support on Oct. 22/18